Eye Candy - Group Graduate Art Exhibition

A group exhibition within the university's Gallery F1617 showcases the diversity of the Graduate Art Program at Governors State through a range of media such as collage, drawing, printmaking, painting, and photography. The exhibition will open with an artist's reception on Wednesday, November 18th from 7:30 to 10:20 p.m. in Gallery F1617 and continue with artists presentations and discussions on the following three wednesdays. Exhibitions and lectures are free and open to the public.

Participants include Sharon Burrink, Christopher Clark, Veronica Cook, Rick Edwards, Brenda Farris, Tiffany Gholar, Karen Keorpes, Russel Laske, Becki Moffett-Moore, Stephanie Monroe, Gail Pachyn, Craig West and Emmet V. Reeb Jr.

More information on the locations of exhibits and presentations can be found at eyecandy820.blogspot.com.

Catherine M. Ciosek - The Illusion of the Phenomena We Perceive

The Visual Arts Gallery at Governors State University is pleased to present "The Illusion of the Phenomena We Perceive" the thesis exhibition of MFA Candidate, Catherine M. Ciosek. This exhibit of Ciosek's photographic prints will be open to the public from November 19 through November 30. An artist's reception will take place on Monday, November 23, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

With this body of work Ciosek asks the questions "What is the true meaning of life? Are the objects, which surround us a function toward a universal goal, or do they simply relate to a cultural, material purpose? Are there natural realities that precede our mental realities? Is there a difference between our mental realities and natural realities? How do the objects in our reality relate to the meaning/purpose of our lives? Are these objects in our lives acting as the main character and we are simply the audience. Or are these objects a distraction to achieving our true goal in life? But how do we begin to understand what the main purpose of life is based on material objects, as so many of us do?"

Ciosek continues, "This thesis is an attempt at placing some clarity to the inquires and a look at different methods in achieving these goals. We must start to realize that the inner world of mankind is reflected by the world around us. We must try to recognize that to truly be free, to live in peace and happiness, we have to abandon what we have learned to pursue: the truth, the principles of the universe."

Margie Glass-Sula - Organic Beings

Organic Beings, an exhibition of drawings and paintings by Margie Glass-Sula, will be on display in the Visual Arts Gallery from November 11 through the 18, 2009. An opening reception will be held on Wednesday, November 11, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Glass-Sula’s girlhood fascination with simple nature created an emotional link that has been rediscovered and redefined in her recent work. By evolving imagery from actual individual organic objects, she transforms each into an abstract organic individual of sorts to reveal the intimate link and beauty she finds within it.

Organic Beings is a quiet and seductive look at nature as individuals. Glass-Sula creates serene beings in order to reintroduce nature, and the necessary link to it that often dissipates as life progresses.

Alumni Artforum - Rattle and Drum

On Saturday, November 14 beginning at 4 p.m. and continuing on into the evening, the Governors State University Alumni Artforum are sponsoring a Rattle Art and Drumming Percussion Circle. Everyone is invited to attend this event.

The workshop will begin with a presentation on Rattle Art and Percussion instruments followed by a hands-on, make your own instrument session with dried gourds, paint, feathers, etc. In the evening an outdoor, fire-light, drum circle will follow. Refreshments will be provided. Call 708.534.4128 to preregister. There is five dollar fee to cover cost of materials.

Robert Catania - Establishing a Connection

The GSU Visual Arts Gallery is proudly presenting "Establishing a Connection," the graduate thesis of photographer, Robert Catania from November 3rd through 10th, with an artist's reception on Friday November 6th, from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Working as a photographer since the early 1990's, Catania's approach to the photographic medium has evolved with the technology. Currently working with applied digital technologies, Catania has begun to explore documentary photography in the digital world. While historically a field that relies on the camera's ability to recreate reality, Catania's approach challenges traditional thinking by employing selective focus and desaturation. Shooting in the backyards and side streets of Chicago, Catania has aimed his camera and computer at a slowly vanishing subject, the pay phone. Originally intended as a classroom project, the thesis, "Establishing a Connection" looks at the places, phones, and conditions that surround a way we once communicated, and wonders aloud about how we communicate now. His large format, color prints allow the viewer to explore places that he or she might otherwise have missed.

Patty McWilliams - Faces

From October 16 - 31, Governors State University MA candidate, Patty McWilliams, is presenting her thesis exhibition at Union Street Gallery, a not-for-profit gallery whose mission is to encourage and nurture emerging and established artists and be a resource for art appreciation and education to the communities that make up the Chicago Southland. Union Street Gallery will host a public reception on October 16th from 6 to 9 p.m. and we encourage you to attend.

McWilliams' larger than life paintings depict expressively the unique physical appearance of her subjects, as the canvas size forces a close up perspective, which might be unlikely to achieve in real life. Unlike traditional portraiture, these portraits are not meant to flatter, but simply to express that which can be seen, as well as, intuited about the subject, all gathered soley from his or her unique face. While McWilliams subjects vary in age, race and gender, they have one main thing in common. Their ageless spirits shine through in expression and color in these paintings.

Union Street Gallery
1527 Otto Blvd.
Chicago Heights, IL 60411

Visiting Artist - Gabriel Villa - Spirituality and Surveillance

In conjunction with GSU's annual Artsfest, the Visual Arts Gallery will host an exhibition of the work of Chicago artist, Gabriel Villa. The exhibit will remain open to the public from September 30 through October 23 with an artist's reception and lecture on Wednesday, October 14th.

"Like alchemists, academics, graffiti artists, poets, rebels and paratroopers aflame, the art of Gabriel Villa is anything but a stationary traveler; like Ulysses under the double concaveness of a lake and the sky, his gaze is the site of visions: The most beautiful and loneliest woman, the inverse area of the umbra that rises inversely and proportional to the greatness of the city, the modern Metropolis like a Leviathan...Knowing how to carefully place everything, it all fits in a gaze: The light of a candle, a neon light, dust and snow, chalk and ashes; los inabarcable filos de la vida,great heights and the great cavities of the earth: This is what makes the work of Gabriel Villa a search where a discovery is what the classic teachers understood it to be: Thousands of mixtures and hard work fail to transfigure the immutable nature of matter: The Transfiguration, the only true change into another state occurs in the innermost part of nature, the mass of the shadows, titillating lights, a variable fogginess that lives in the heart of the Alchemist." - excerpted from "Gaze as Hunger: The Art of Gabriel Villa" by Alejandro Perez Cervantes

Gabriel Villa received his BFA from the Corpus Christi State University in 1992 and his MFA from the University of Delaware three years later. Since 2005, he has served as an educator at Chicago's National Museum of Mexican Art as well as co-curating exhibitions at that institution's Kraft Foods Gallery.

Patricia Watkins - Faith Journey

"Faith Journey" is the solo exhibition of paintings by Patricia Watkins, on display from October 26th to November 2nd, 2009, at the Visual Arts Gallery. The opening reception is Friday, October 30th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Historically, artists have depicted religious subject matter, and with the "Faith Journey" series, Patricia Watkins carries on that tradition from the perspective of her times, her life's journey, and her Catholic faith. Raised on the south side of Chicago, where neighborhoods were better known as "parishes," Watkins returned to her roots after thirty years living and raising her family on east and west coasts. The Catholic Church has undergone sweeping changes in the last half century, and to Watkins it seemed as though something important has been lost. However, the essentials of the faith never change, and it is that faith that gets us through the best and the worst of times. These paintings represent Watkins' tribute to both her roots and her faith.

3rd Annual Artsfest

The College of Arts and Sciences & Student Life Unit Present Governors State University’s 3rd Annual Artsfest, a celebration of the arts at GSU. All events are free and open to the public. October 14, 2009.

Events planned for this year include:
Open Studio Workshops | Visiting Artist Exhibitions and Lectures | Portfolio Reviews | Film Screenings | Interactive Art Projects | Round Table Discussions | Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park Tours | Student and Community Art Fair | And More

For more information, please call 708-235-3956 or visit www.gsuartsfest.blogspot.com

Horizons - Steinunn Thorarinsdottir

An exhibition of sculpture by Icelandic artist, Steinunn Thorarinsdottir, is now open for viewing at the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park. The work, entitled Horizons, consists of twelve "ungendered" human figures cast in iron. Each sculpture features an insert of highly polished glass. The installation will remain on display at Governors State University through September of 2010.

"Thorarinsdottir's work touches on themes of loneliness and isolation with threads of hope implied by glass inserts that provide an aura of spirituality," says Geoffrey Bates, Director and Curator of the park. "This is the first of what we plan as a series of temorary exhibitions of contemporary sculpture that will change on a regular basis. Horizons will provide yet another reason for the public to explore the path of the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park."

Thorarinsdottir has exhibited widely in Europe and the U.K. and has been commissioned by both the Icelandic and English governments for major sculptural installations. Horizons has been seen in New York and Texas and will continue to travel after its stay in University Park. The work is featured in the documentary, Horizons, by independent filmmaker Frank Cantor, which won the CINE Special Jury Award in Washington as the best documentary of 2008.

Plans are underway to bring Thorarinsdottir to the GSU Campus in October for a reception and lecture in conjunction with the University's annual Artsfest.

Marc McGowan

The GSU campus is currently home to a pair of exhibitions of the work of Chicago area, mixed-media photographer, Marc McGowen. The University Atrium serves as a showcase for McGowan's exploration of Japan's public spaces while McGowan created a new series of images, especially for the university library's Research Gallery, commenting on the "screen" of human memory and its connection to the computer screens within the space.

Marc McGowann's work is the product of experimentation with altering photographic images using a series of original, unique processes. The images are printed on handmade paper and a wash is applied before they are transferred onto a surface and re-colored using acrylic paint and oil pastel. This effort results in an eerie effect evoking the feelings of memories and dreams. McGowan uses images representational of everyday life to connect with the viewer and make ordinary, mundane scenes more interesting.

Both of these exhibits are open for viewing by the public and will remain on display at least through the end of the spring/summer semester.

Ethnographic Exhibits

Professor of Art History, Dr Arthur Bourgeois, recently updated the display cases in the E-Lounge just outside the Visual Arts Gallery. The three cases now contain small exhibits of artifacts from the Akon People of Ghana, the Ibo People of Southern Nigeria, and the prehispanic, Chimu Empire of Peru.

The E-Lounge also houses a semi-permanent display of Papua New Guinean artifacts, including an impressive pair of heavily decorated house posts from the Iatmul People. These selections from GSU's ethnographic collection are always available for public viewing during campus hours.

2009 Regional Art Faculty Invitational

Once again, the Visual Arts Gallery is hosting an exhibit of work by local and regional college and university art instructors.

Faculty from the College of DuPage, Governors State University, The Illinois Institute of Art, Joliet Junior College, Kankakee Community College, Lewis University, Moraine Valley Community College, Morton College, Olivet Nazarene University, Prairie State College, Saint Xavier University, South Suburban College, Trinity College, Triton College and the University of Saint Francis have been invited to participate.

This exhibit will be open for viewing from September 7-28 with a reception on Friday, September 11th from 6-9 p.m.

Undergraduate Exhibit

The Visual Arts Gallery at Governors State University is happy to present a group exhibition of three graduating students from July 27 - August 17. There will be a public reception on the evening of Friday, July 31, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. This exhibit will features a presentation of the final, senior projects of mixed media artists, Jennifer Lesch-Benedick, Rhiannon Sallas and Kristina Schmitt.

Our House (Divided)

On Sunday, August 16 the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park will host a special event juxtaposing music, commentary, and art to offer alternative interpretative experiences to works in the park.

"Our House (Divided)” is a multi-facetted program, which will touch on history, memory, division, and change, and promises to be both moving and uplifting. It includes music performed by Red Riding Hood, a string quartet comprised of Erica Lessie on cello, Jennifer Lowe and Elise Dalleska on violin, and Nora Williams on viola.

In the presence of Bruce Nauman's House Divided singer, Marshall Titus, will perform vocal selections accompanied by Red Riding Hood, and recite Abraham Lincoln’s 1858 “House Divided” speech, one of the inspirations for Nauman's sculpture.

Magda Brown, a survivor of the Birkenau concentration camp, will provide commentary on her experiences during World War II and subsequent life in the United States.

More information on this unique event can be found on the sculpture park's website.

Joyce Speechley - Eternal Spaces

Governors State University graduate student, Joyce Speechley will present "Eternal Spaces: Studies in Movement and Value," an exhibition of her recent "fumage" drawings in GSU's Gallery 1516 from August 1 through August 11, with an artist's closing reception on August 11th from 6-9 p.m.

Speechley's drawings incorporate graphite, graphite powder, and fumage, a technique created by the artist employing flame and smoke on canvas. Her work focuses on the correlation of atmospheric moisture and the changing light of day within a landscape, incorporating the reflections of diffused sunlight from the surrounding environment. Speechley's drawings place the viewer within the landscape, allowing them to become one with nature and experience a moment of complete silence and solitude.

Born on the west side of Chicago, Speechley found her passion for the arts early in life. She received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Art at Governors State University. She has received numerous awards and has published books for PCI Publishing in San Antonio Texas, and Schaffer Publishing in Torrance California. Speechley shares her passion for the arts by teaching at the College of DuPage in DuPage county Illinois, where she resides with her three teenagers.

Elizabeth Farnesi - Sinful Serenity

Sinful Serenity, an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Elizabeth Farnesi, will be on display from July 13th to July 23rd in the Visual Arts Gallery. An artist's opening reception will be held on Tuesday, July 14th, from 6 to 9 p.m., in the gallery.

Farnesi’s Catholic upbringing made her particularly aware of the presence of the Seven Deadly Sins in life. Although it wasn’t until she personally experienced the sins first hand that she began to look for prime examples of vanity, lust, greed, anger, envy, sloth, and gluttony in everyday life. The constant bombardment of media, pop culture, high end fashion and corrupt role models numbs the public to the sins. Each sin intertwined into one another has seemingly become mainstream, accepted, and forgotten.

Farnesi’s images are a look at human behavior and how she believes an over indulgence of one sin can lead to another sin which, in turn, can result in the destruction of one’s self. This series of work is her journey and exploration into the sins and it’s through her eyes in which the sins are rendered.

Wholly Sheeets - Michael Costanza

Wholly Sheets, an exhibition of the mixed media collages and photography of Michael Costanza, will be on display in the Visual Arts Gallery from June 27 through July 9, 2009. An opening reception will be held on June 27 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

The everyday experience produces a physical pile of papers and materials which Costanza uses when creating his work. Gluing layers of receipts, envelopes, classified ads, etc. on found wood and windows directly relates to the idea of the everyday experience told in piles. In addition to this collage work, Costanza also captures the everyday with photographic documents. These photos are used as source material informing the direction of his collage work. Employing techniques such as collage, décollage, digital painting/transfer printing, photography, lithography, drawing and painting, Costanza is constantly shifting the act of creating to match events and influences of any particular day.

Wholly Sheeets is an interpretation of the world seen as entirely comprised of layers. Balance, both in composition and concept, is the unifying thread throughout the body of work. Costanza creates worlds where the many layers of clatter produced by people flow in unison with nature.

Michael Smith - Natural or Man-Made or One in the Same

Natural or Man-Made or One in the Same, a photo exhibition by Michael E. Smith, will be shown from June 9 to June 24 in the Visual Arts Gallery. A closing reception will be hosted by the artist on Wednesday, June 24th from 6 to 9 p.m. in the gallery.

As a lifelong chronicler of nature and the outdoors, Smith uses his photography as a means to understanding the environment and our role in it. In a series of large format photographs Smith illustrates our effect on the natural world. Subjects range from national parks and golf courses to urban blight. The saturated palette lends a heightened reality to the pieces that gives an altered feel to the landscapes. Each photo shows how humankind has directly impacted the natural world, but each also shows the unremitting strength of Mother Nature. The photographs ask the question: do we recognize what we have wrought in our world?

Natural or Man-Made’s goal is to engage the viewer in a debate about natural versus artificial and wilderness versus civilized. Smith’s photographs show the sometimes messy, sometimes beautiful world we made. Are we a part of nature? Or are we apart from nature?

Diaspora - Peter Bosy

“Diaspora – Dispersing the Light”, a photo exhibition by Peter Bosy, will be on display from May 18 to June 5 in the Visual Arts Gallery. An opening reception celebrating Bosy’s work will be held on Monday, May 18, from 6 to 9 p.m., in the gallery.

In this series of photos, the light is spread and creatively diffused, enabling visual exploration to find a sensitive balance between shadow and light. Featuring the subject matter of flora, translucent items, and the human form, Bosy captures their beauty utilizing sharp angles and soft lines giving viewers the opportunity to blend a combination of color, shapes and forms into focus.

Bosy is the owner of Peter Bosy Photography, Inc. in suburban Chicago, where he works with both commercial and fine art clients. He has served as full-time faculty at Harrington College of Design in Chicago, and is completing his Master of Arts Degree in Photography at Governors State University.

Gabriel Villa

From Chicago Public Radio's City Room:
This week artist Gabriel Villa was putting finishing touches on this mural in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood. Now someone has brown-washed the work. Alderman James Balcer (Ward 11) told WBEZ this morning that he called the city’s Streets and Sanitation Department to have it destroyed.
Follow the story here and here. An exhibition of Villa's work here at the GSU Visual Arts Gallery is scheduled for September of this year.

Student Art Show Awards

Many thanks to our juror, Mark Zlotkowski, for generously giving us his time, and to our Art Forum Co-Presidents, Patty McWilliams and Margie Glass-Sula, for putting so much effort into bringing this show together. Congratulations to all the participating artists, especially to the award winners. This exhibit continues until May 14 and is open to the public Monday-Thursday, 11:00am-4:00pm.

Best in Show: Park Barbecue - Michael Costanza
Second Place: It's a Burl - Jim Tadsen
Third Place: Autumn's Moth - Margie Glass-Sula
Honorable Mentions:
Demeter - Patty McWilliams
Honorable Mentions: Mantis - Kristina Schmitt
Honorable Mentions: Honesty is Never a Lie - Diane McGarel

2009 GSU Student Art Exhibition

Governors State University's Visual Arts Gallery's 2009 Juried Student Exhibition runs from Wednesday, April 8, through Thursday, May 14.

The exhibit displays the work of GSU graduate and undergraduate art students. Works chosen for the exhibit will include paintings, drawings, photography, digital imagery, sculpture, and printmaking.

Best of Show, second and third place cash awards will be juried by Mark Zlotkowski of DePaul University.

Opening reception and awards ceremony: April 8, from 6 to 9 p.m. The public is invited to attend the exhibit. For more information, contact the Visual Arts Gallery at (708) 534-4021.

Illinois Community College Exhibition Awards

Best in Show:
1, 4, 9, 2
- Steven Stoll
Collage on Canvas
John Wood Community College

Awards of Merit:
Lone Ranger - Brian Sullivan
Oil on Canvas
Parkland College

Snarkey 1.1 - Richard Neubauer
Oil/Mixed Media
McHenry County College

Pot Belly - Andy Lechner
McHenry County College

Baby-Be-Gone - Ashley Dedin
Ceramic/Mixed Media
Joliet Junior College

You Can Call It a Cookie Cutter - Charles Rohrer
Acrylic & Spray Paint
Prairie State College

Widowmaker - Laura Meador
Heartland Community College

Illuminate My Soul -
Michelle D. Cox
Silver Gelatin Print
Prairie State College

Honorable Mentions:
Untitled - Chasity Logan
Silver Gelatin Print
Heartland Community College

Iceland - Bruce Peerson
Digital Photography
Prairie State College

Surgeon General’s Warning - Brandon Swartz & Mercedes Wagner
Mixed Media
Joliet Junior College

Fishbone - Alena Yakimkova
Wood & Metal
Parkland College

Our sincere thanks to everyone whom helped to make this year's Illinois Community College Exhibition a success; Governor State University's President, Dr. Elaine Maimon; our Provost, Jane Rhoades Hudak, Ph.D; Dr. Eric V. Martin, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. James Howley, Division of Liberal Arts Chairperson; Director of Communications, Sheree Sanderson; our great exhibition juror, Jeremy Biles; and many others.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the incredible artists who graciously submitted their work. Thanks to you. We're looking forward to seeing more great work from you in the future.

Puzzled Together - Graduate Exhibition

Governors State University celebrates the visual arts in a series of exhibitions and artist lectures throughout the month of April. Exhibitions placed throughout the University showcase the diversity of the Graduate Art Program at Governors State through a range of media such as collage, drawing, mosaics, painting, and photography. Artists and curators will discuss their works on the first three Mondays in April, from 7:30 to 10:20 p.m. in room F1622. Exhibitions and lectures are free and open to the public.

Participants include Peter Bosy, Michael Costanza, Monique Doyle, Liz Farnesi, Margie Glass-Sula, Patty McWilliams, Silvia Melby with James Crews, Traci Ores, Sarah Ogren, Rachel Prendergast with KLeo, and Joyce Speechley.

More information on the locations of exhibits and presentations can be found at gsuart.blogspot.com.

Call for Entries: 2009 GSU Student Art Exhibition

Open to all students enrolled in GSU art courses during the Spring/Summer 08, Fall 08, and Winter 09 trimesters. Artwork must have been created in any art course at GSU during those trimesters. Any artwork previously exhibited in the student show is not eligible.

-Maximum TWO entries per student
-COMPLETED entry forms are to be attached to the back of EACH work.
-All two-dimensional work MUST BE WIRED and ready to hang. NO SAW TOOTH HANGERS. Work should be framed if the painting does not extend to the sides or if staples are visible on the sides.
-Photography, digital work, prints and drawings must be matted and framed, unless size does not permit and therefore appropriate hanging hardware should be installed.
-Sculpture – check with gallery assistant for available pedestals. If there are no suitable sizes, student must provide their own.
-Work not meeting the above criteria will not be exhibited.

Mark Zlotkowski - Professor, DePaul University, Department of Art & Art History

Best of Show: $250
2nd Place: $150
3rd Place: $100
3 Honorable Mentions: $50

March 16 - April 6: Accepting work in gallery
April 8th – Opening Reception 6-9pm /Juror’s critique and awards at 7pm
Friday, May 15, Monday, May 18 & Tuesday, May 19th - Work pickup in gallery.

Download Prospectus and Entry Forms

2009 Illinois Community College Juried Art Exhibition

The 2009 Illinois Community College Juried Art Exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate the creative work of emerging artists and to get a glimpse of the extraordinary talent in the region. Selected works by art students currently enrolled in Illinois community colleges will be on display in the GSU Visual Arts Gallery from March 11 through April 3.

Exhibiting artists include students from Heartland Community College, Illinois Central College, John A. Logan College, John Wood Community College, Joliet Junior College, Kankakee Community College, Kishwaukee College, Lewis & Clark Community College, Lincoln Land Community College, McHenry County College, Morton Community College, Oakton Community College, Parkland Community College, Prairie State College, South Suburban College, Triton College, and Waubonsee Community College.

A closing reception to celebrate the show and the artists and present merit awards is on Friday, April 3, from 1 to 3 p.m., in E-Lounge. Juror Jeremy Biles, of the Chicago Artists' Coalition, will announce the award winners. This exhibition and reception is free and open to the public. The gallery is open Monday through Thursday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

About the Juror
Jeremy Biles is a writer and educator based in Chicago, and holds a PhD from the University of Chicago. He has taught philosophy, religion, and art courses at area institutions, including the University of Chicago and DePaul University. He is currently an instructor and graduate student adviser at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is also the editor of Prompt, a journal of visual art. His writings have appeared in such places as the Journal of Religion, Janus Head, the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, and in exhibition catalogues for the Hyde Park Art Center, where he curated the “Zounds” show in 2003. He is the author of the book Ecce Monstrum: Georges Bataille and the Sacrifice of Form (Fordham University Press, 2007).

Illinois Community College Preview

This year’s juror of the Illinois Community College Juried Art Exhibition, Jeremy Biles, surveyed nearly 300 works of art from 17 colleges throughout Illinois to make his selections. Through their painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography and digital media these artists represent the future of art in Illinois. The following artists have works accepted into the exhibition at Governors State University’s Visual Arts Gallery. Accepted artists should download the acceptance document for details on delivery and retrieval of artwork.

Heartland Community College
Chasity Logan - Untitled
Laura Meador - Widowmaker

Illinois Central College
Zak Harvey - Study for a Reflection of Hunter Gatherer
Danielle Brown - Seaside Landscape

John A. Logan College
Pakaphon Viriratana - Ordained

John Wood Community College
Steven Stoll - 1, 4, 9, 2

Joliet Junior College
Heather Cochrane - Dancers
Heather Cochrane - Tree Rings
Maureen Catterson - From Beneath
Anna Dankova – Untouchable
Anna Dankova - Oh, The Sweetest Thing!
Anna Dankova – Incarnation
Anastasiya Dankova - Window Pane
Anastasiya Dankova – Gost
Anastasiya Dankova - Posledstvie
Ashley Dedin - Baby-Be-Gone
Sam King - Working Towards the Dead
Sam King – The Surface
Sam King - Hip to Be Sad
Marianne Nelson - Lizard Movement
Marianne Nelson - Pauline 1910
Eric M. Rektorski - President Smokes
Steve Sainsbury - Too Early to Evolve
Brandon Swartz – Soluna
Brandon Swartz – Spark
Brandon Swartz & Mercedes Wagner - Surgeon General’s Warning
Amanda Watson - Flight

Kankakee Community College
Patricia Paris Cheffer - Curtis the Artist
Annalea Hooper - My Comfort
Helen Kupferer - McGregor Homestead
Peggy Miller – Iris
Greg Roling – American
Greg Roling - New Millennium
Alea Shea - Mauled by Wolves
Christopher Sheets - Untitled (Game Piece)
Emily Snider - Vintage Love
Emily Snider – Concentration
Mary Weeks - Little Dora & Henry Moore’s Sheep
Shane Wells - Washed Ashore
Erin E. Williams - Devere’s Gears

Kishwaukee College
Peggy S. Klus - Man and a Half
Zaneta Taylor - Nadzieja (Hope)

Lewis & Clark Community College
Sean Williams - Blackout
Sean Williams - Mr. Magoo

Lincoln Land Community College
Jeff Miller – Cthulu
David Murray - Strained Work #1

McHenry County College
Robert Jordan - Utah Winter
Robert Jordan - Railroad Sunrise
Andy Lechner - Pot Belly
Andy Lechner – Shalamar
Richard Neubauer - Snarkey 1.1
Richard Neubauer - Verbatim

Morton Community College
Gini Lange - No Parents to Care
Kathryn A. Budd – Othello

Oakton Community College
Jude Kitts - Cinderella Café
Jude Kitts - Deep Freeze
Andy Harris - Levels of Consciousness
Andy Harris - Reticulation

Parkland College
Anora Johnson - Factory Candelabra
Judy Selen - Jamaican
Siti Mariah Sullivan - Horseshoe Crab
Brian Sullivan - Lone Ranger
Alena Yakimkova - Fishbone

Prairie State College
Kristin Borst - Great Wide Open
Michelle D. Cox - Guide My Footsteps
Michelle D. Cox - Illuminate My Soul
Irene Ganas - A Church Door Welcome
Irene Ganas - Copse of Trees
Diana Gudowski - Consequential Reality
Leonard Ferris - Untitled
Stephanie Specht - Untitled
Lisa Marie Stevens - Untitled
Bruce Peerson - Iceland
Charles Rohrer - You Can Call It a Cookie Cutter
Zachary Sala - Window of the World
Stephanie Specht - Untitled
Kevin Stewart - Bear on Stilts
Margaret Werling - Forest With Small Tree

South Suburban College
Maria Carrillo - I’m Still Here Dreaming
Alix Metcalfe - Anubis Neti Pot
Alix Metcalfe - Slipper Neti Pot

Triton College
Nicole M. Reichel - Typography Individuality

Waubonsee Community College
Emily Joy - Untitled

2009 Illinois Community College Juried Art Exhibition

March 11 - April 3, 2009
Governor State University's Visual Arts Gallery is proud to host the 2009 Illinois Community College Juried Art Exhibition.

There is no entry fee for this exhibition. Artists may submit up to three original works in any medium. Entry is open to any student currently enrolled in an Illinois community or junior college. Works must have been completed during the last two academic years. Works previously entered into this exhibition are ineligible. Deadline for Entries: February 23, 2009.

Exhibition Dates:
March 11 through April 3 with a closing reception on April 3, 1:00p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Award winners will be announced at 2:00 p.m. by Juror, Jeremy Biles of the Chicago Artists Coalition.

Up to $1000 in awards including $300 for Best of Show.

All accepted entries must be framed/wired/ready for hanging or installation. For framed work, please use plexiglas rather than glass. Artists are responsible for transit of work. Accepted work must be received during normal business hours (11:00a.m to 4:00p.m. Monday through Thursday) no later than March 9. Pick up of work can be made after the April 3 closing reception. Works may not be withdrawn prior to the close of exhibition.

Download Prospectus
For more information:(708) 534-4021 or artsgrad@govst.edu