Visiting Artist - Gabriel Villa - Spirituality and Surveillance

In conjunction with GSU's annual Artsfest, the Visual Arts Gallery will host an exhibition of the work of Chicago artist, Gabriel Villa. The exhibit will remain open to the public from September 30 through October 23 with an artist's reception and lecture on Wednesday, October 14th.

"Like alchemists, academics, graffiti artists, poets, rebels and paratroopers aflame, the art of Gabriel Villa is anything but a stationary traveler; like Ulysses under the double concaveness of a lake and the sky, his gaze is the site of visions: The most beautiful and loneliest woman, the inverse area of the umbra that rises inversely and proportional to the greatness of the city, the modern Metropolis like a Leviathan...Knowing how to carefully place everything, it all fits in a gaze: The light of a candle, a neon light, dust and snow, chalk and ashes; los inabarcable filos de la vida,great heights and the great cavities of the earth: This is what makes the work of Gabriel Villa a search where a discovery is what the classic teachers understood it to be: Thousands of mixtures and hard work fail to transfigure the immutable nature of matter: The Transfiguration, the only true change into another state occurs in the innermost part of nature, the mass of the shadows, titillating lights, a variable fogginess that lives in the heart of the Alchemist." - excerpted from "Gaze as Hunger: The Art of Gabriel Villa" by Alejandro Perez Cervantes

Gabriel Villa received his BFA from the Corpus Christi State University in 1992 and his MFA from the University of Delaware three years later. Since 2005, he has served as an educator at Chicago's National Museum of Mexican Art as well as co-curating exhibitions at that institution's Kraft Foods Gallery.

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