Impressions of reality

Sept. 23rd – Sept. 28th

Brooke Nicholson

Artist Statement

My work represents the experience of creating a work of art and its correlation to human life. For me, the process of painting is similar to the way individuals develop over time. Throughout life, we are continuously evolving; events and occurrences are placed in our lives that affect the path of our development in good ways and in bad. My watercolor paintings depict the change, growth, metamorphosis, duality and balance that exist in life. I am interested in finding order among the chaos of everyday living. The delicate point at which opposing forces meet to create balance is what fascinates me.

As I begin a painting, I have no preconceived notion of what it will look like when it is completed. It is an intuitive process as I pour, drip or splash the paint onto the paper. There is a sense of directional control, but I allow the paint to find it’s own path. Going through life, we are not shown the obstacles that are ahead of us, or the blessings that will be given. We simply walk blindly, relying on our faith to drive us and guide our path.

My visual inspiration comes from seeds and the way they parallel human growth and development. Their delicate forms provide an environment in which new life begins to sprout and acquire an identity of its own. The seed itself is a necessary component, although what is protected inside is really most important. In order to portray this idea, my seed-like vessels are delicately drawn with graphite and appear to blend into the white background. The sprout of the seed contrasts with the rest of the composition through its bold color and distinctive form, creating an emphasis on growth, change and evolution.

Rick Edwards "Urban Decay"

September 16th- September 21st

Rick Edwards seeks out images found in neighborhoods that strongly depict society’s general lack of empathy, which has resulted in an overwhelming representation of urban decay. The distressing yet rich depictions found in the work go beyond a superficial representation; they connect on a political, economic and societal self-loathing prospective of reality. Each shot seeks
to connect on an emotional level through choice of landscape, composition
and lighting.
Edwards subject as a photographer is primarily processed in black and white. He ask viewers to consider taking responsibility for their own actions and the effect it has on humanity. With change comes progress and new opportunities but that realization in some of these forgotten communities has not become
a reality. He select imagery of what was once beautiful and full of life and
although life still remains on some level, it is now hard to appreciate its beauty.
Edwards typically show prints in medium to large formats sizes, (8” x10” to
|16” x 24”) to invite viewers to interact and come out of their comfort zones
to see the potential and lost beauty in these neighborhoods.
Edwards uses a digital VR Nikon SRL camera to capture the rich texture of black and white imagery. Edwards preferred media for printing is Epson
Premium Photo Paper Glossy or a variety of matt finishes. Although completing the majority of his education away from Chicago’s South Side neighborhood, he currently resides in a quite middle class community in the suburbs.
His parents still lives in the continuously changing community where he grow up, he prefers to come back to shoot its lost beauty.

Lori White "A Visual Meditation"


Gallery is pleased to present Lori White with her newest body of oil paintings, “A Visual Meditation.” This series explores the idea of one’s mind in a meditative state. The exhibition will be on view from SEPTEMBER 9-SEPTMEBER 15, 2011. The opening reception will be on SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 from 5:30-8p.m. This exhibit will be free and open to the public.

“A Visual Meditation” explores organic forms that reflect the meditative power of the nature. Her mind sees the environment as a place that mirrors a sense of peace and harmony. Miss White’s hope is that each painting inspires a person to visually meditate and become lost within his or her thoughts.

White is a graduate of Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN and is also a graduate of Governors State University with a Master in Arts in painting. She has displayed her artwork locally throughout the Chicago area. White is a teacher of art at Tyler and Bentley Elementary Schools and currently lives in Frankfort, Illinois.

Impromptu: Show Us What You Got September 1 – September 8

Artist Reception

Wednesday, September 7th

5:30-8:30 p.m

Visual Arts Gallery

2011 Art Student Exhibition

September 1- September 8