Our House (Divided)

On Sunday, August 16 the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park will host a special event juxtaposing music, commentary, and art to offer alternative interpretative experiences to works in the park.

"Our House (Divided)” is a multi-facetted program, which will touch on history, memory, division, and change, and promises to be both moving and uplifting. It includes music performed by Red Riding Hood, a string quartet comprised of Erica Lessie on cello, Jennifer Lowe and Elise Dalleska on violin, and Nora Williams on viola.

In the presence of Bruce Nauman's House Divided singer, Marshall Titus, will perform vocal selections accompanied by Red Riding Hood, and recite Abraham Lincoln’s 1858 “House Divided” speech, one of the inspirations for Nauman's sculpture.

Magda Brown, a survivor of the Birkenau concentration camp, will provide commentary on her experiences during World War II and subsequent life in the United States.

More information on this unique event can be found on the sculpture park's website.

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