Eye Candy - Group Graduate Art Exhibition

A group exhibition within the university's Gallery F1617 showcases the diversity of the Graduate Art Program at Governors State through a range of media such as collage, drawing, printmaking, painting, and photography. The exhibition will open with an artist's reception on Wednesday, November 18th from 7:30 to 10:20 p.m. in Gallery F1617 and continue with artists presentations and discussions on the following three wednesdays. Exhibitions and lectures are free and open to the public.

Participants include Sharon Burrink, Christopher Clark, Veronica Cook, Rick Edwards, Brenda Farris, Tiffany Gholar, Karen Keorpes, Russel Laske, Becki Moffett-Moore, Stephanie Monroe, Gail Pachyn, Craig West and Emmet V. Reeb Jr.

More information on the locations of exhibits and presentations can be found at eyecandy820.blogspot.com.

Catherine M. Ciosek - The Illusion of the Phenomena We Perceive

The Visual Arts Gallery at Governors State University is pleased to present "The Illusion of the Phenomena We Perceive" the thesis exhibition of MFA Candidate, Catherine M. Ciosek. This exhibit of Ciosek's photographic prints will be open to the public from November 19 through November 30. An artist's reception will take place on Monday, November 23, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

With this body of work Ciosek asks the questions "What is the true meaning of life? Are the objects, which surround us a function toward a universal goal, or do they simply relate to a cultural, material purpose? Are there natural realities that precede our mental realities? Is there a difference between our mental realities and natural realities? How do the objects in our reality relate to the meaning/purpose of our lives? Are these objects in our lives acting as the main character and we are simply the audience. Or are these objects a distraction to achieving our true goal in life? But how do we begin to understand what the main purpose of life is based on material objects, as so many of us do?"

Ciosek continues, "This thesis is an attempt at placing some clarity to the inquires and a look at different methods in achieving these goals. We must start to realize that the inner world of mankind is reflected by the world around us. We must try to recognize that to truly be free, to live in peace and happiness, we have to abandon what we have learned to pursue: the truth, the principles of the universe."