Richard Shipps- Long Night Dark to Light

Celebrate the Winter Solstice with the astounding cut paper artwork of Richard Shipps which encourages the viewer to explore negative and positive form, shadow and light, through signs and symbols-a visual feast. Through the long night we pass, and find our way from dark to light.

December 1, 2010-December 23, 2010
Artist Reception Wednesday December 8
4-5pm Paper Cutting Demo- make a snowflake
5-8pm reception- free and open to the public

Welcoming our south side art partners: Monkey Mind Studio, Tall Grass Art Association, Union Street gallery

Rebecca L. Heide- Hyperreality

Digital Composites by Rebecca L. Heide

Hyperreality is about the manipulation of time and space through digital imagery. A personal narrative has been created from the dissection and reassembling of images that reflect the life of the artist. Photographs of landscape, the human form, and sculpture are manipulated to create memory vignettes. The images are a simulation of the mental state at various times through life. Feelings of happiness, loss, fear, isolation and complacency are reconstructed in a visual form for the viewer. Rebecca’s work depicts a heightened sense of reality that blurs the line of what is real and what is fantasy.

Hyperreality is a solo exhibition at Governors State University, Visual Arts Gallery E-1580. The exhibition will open on November 15, 2010 and run through November 23rd. Opening reception is Tuesday, November 16th from 5:00-8:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

Rebecca received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently working towards a Master of Fine Arts from Governors State University. Rebecca currently resides in Homewood, IL.

Joe Baltz

Governors State University is pleased to present Narratives of the Secret Darkroom by Joe Baltz. The exhibit explores the relationship between the language of visual reality recorded by Black & White film and the language of inner emotional experience. He uses the silver gelatin process to produce B&W postcards which are sent through the US Postal Service. The Postcard and text amplifies the connection of his personal world through photos and text. Baltz believes that images often call forth a secret story and stories often hold a secret image. Narratives of the Secret Darkroom is a two year photo project that allowed him to present 30 individual post card recipients a unique collection of personal observations and reminiscences captured on film and in text.

Joe Baltz’s photos and cards will be exhibited in a solo show at Governors State University, Visual Arts Gallery E-1580. The exhibition will open on November 2, 2010 and run through November 10. The opening reception is Thursday, November 4th from 5:00-8:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

Baltz is a teacher of Photography at Joliet Central High School and lives in Joliet, IL.

Thank you to everyone who voted for their favorite piece in the Regional Faculty Invitational Exhibition. As the show comes to a close we are happy to announce that the People’s Choice Award goes to Carrie Ohm for “Cloud Circles:Impossibly Large Scaled Down #2”. 2010 Porcelain, Paper

The 2010 Regional Art Faculty Invitational is a biennial event for Universities and Colleges in the Chicago Southland and is hosted by the Visual Arts Gallery at Governors State University. This year invitations were sent to Governors State University, Trinity College, Lewis University, Prairie State College, Saint Xavier University, Joliet Junior College, The College of Dupage, South Suburban College, The University of Saint Francis, Olivet Nazarene University, and Kankakee Community College.

The artists exhibiting in this year’s show are: Javier Chavira, Christopher Clark, Michael Costanza, Daniel Falco, Eric Gorder, Michael D. Hart, Jane Rhodes Hudak, Jean Janssen, Elise Kendrot, Erik LaGattuta, Joe Milosevich, Carrie Ohm, Heather Page, Beth Parin, Gary Schirmer, Lou Shields, Chelise Slowik, Jerry Slowik, Michael E. Smith, Jeff Stevenson, Jessica Van Swol,

The Invitational promises a random cross section of working styles, subjects and media and this year is no exception. Ceramic, wax sculpture, mixed media collage, graphic novel, pastel, photography, oil painting and assemblage are represented. This year we also have an art history project from Dr. Arthur Bourgeois from his African Art collection that is integrated with contemporary images to activate the exhibit and provide opportunity for reflection.

Craig R. West

Mr. West is cordially inviting the public to view his newest body of photographs, “God’s Covenant Community,” a sacred documentary that explores the spiritual and sacred connections of Midwest Baptist Church members and their Christian Faith. Mr. West is a founding member of that church, and actively serves as a Deacon there. Midwest Baptist Church is a small to mid-sized church with a membership role that averages around 90-100 members. In “God’s Covenant Community”, Mr. West has focused on special moments that show the deepest kinds of Christian bonds that believers share in both formal and informal church settings. As Mr. West states, “my photographs attempt to visually show why the relationships and ties that exist between believers in a small church community are so strong. Put simply, God’s Love and Grace are the lifeblood and glue that holds this church [Midwest Baptist Church] together.”

While many of the images in “God’s Covenant Community” feature various age groups, Mr. West’s favorite images involve children at worship and at play. As his Pastor so eloquently states, “our children are the lifeblood of the church.” And the viewer will find all kinds of images of children in this exhibit. Many of these images feature children having fun at Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Easter Service, and Church Picnics.

Mr. West’s photographs originally start off as color photographs, and are then changed to grayscale, and then to a duotone mix of black, orange and green. The resulting image then is imbued with a warm tone that creates an archetypal timeless feel. As Mr. West states, “I want my concentrated body of covenant photographs to bring back the visual essence of that old time religion.”

What gives this documentary stunning universal appeal is the open expressive gesture that the people in each photograph display. Whether in the act of worship or at play, the members of Midwest Baptist Church are bonded by an open love, affection, and humanity that is simply contagious. Mr. West’s main goal and objective behind this body of work is to use these compelling photographs to encourage, uplift, and strengthen his church. A second goal is to provide a timeless authentic look and feel of what a genuine Church would look like on any given day. Mr. West feels that any authentic Christ-led Church should be characterized by love, fellowship, praise, worship, and lots of lively fun. If you get nothing else from this show, the viewer will definitely know that God, Covenant, and Community are highly valued by all Midwest Baptist Church members.

The Hidden Splendor of Color

The Hidden Splendor of Color
Photographs by Jeremy Spence

September 13, 2010 and run through September 22
Closing reception is Wednesday, September 22 from 5:00-8:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

The Hidden Splendor of Color is about the side of life that is usually passed on a daily basis. Through the usage of artificial light, landscapes at night take on a different persona. Color has been used to turn ordinary landscapes and architectural structures into something that can only exist at night. Spence’s panoramic works turn everyday landscapes into vivid habitats that become eye candy for the viewer. Through the use of richly saturated colors, one can appreciate the beauty of hidden colors that exist only at night.

Jeremy Spence is a graduate of Governors State University and recently received a Master in Fine Arts in Digital imaging/design at Governors State University.

Monique Doyle - Remnants

GSU graduate student Monique Doyle will be exhibiting her thesis work August 2 – August 12, 2010. Reception on August 12, 2010 from 5-8pm.

Doyle’s series of work “Remnants” captures the remnants of once habited structures and discarded personal possessions. The images are a documentary of neighborhoods, homes and personal possessions that were once a part of a full and functioning life, now left as part of the present landscape. These “Remnants” have become part of the landscape due to our present economic recession, and shows the deprivation of land and life.

Doyle’s collection of images includes businesses and homes whose inhabitants are now just “Remnants” of past time. Doyle’s intent was to document areas such as Harvey, Illinois as well as the southeast side of Chicago. The facades of the buildings no longer have any redeeming qualities; they simply exist as an eyesore to most passer-byes. Doyle’s images are the scars that are left due to the harsh economic times these areas endured.

Monique Doyle is a Graduate from Governors State University with her BA in the Board of Governors and is working towards a Master of Arts from Governors State University in University Park, Illinois. Monique Doyle currently resides in Harvey, IL.


Governors State University is pleased to present Figures in Abstraction, new work by Karen Keorpes. Figures in abstraction illustrates an abstraction of the figure in taking us away from the reality of what we show the world and pushes the figure into a visual display of our inner self. Karen Keorpes abstract oil paintings will be exhibited in a solo show at Governors State University, Visual Arts Gallery E-1580. The exhibition will open on August 31, 2010 and run through September 8. The opening reception is Friday, September 3 from 5:00-8:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

Keorpes’ oil paintings evolve from her large collection of spontaneous sketchbook ink drawings. They are spontaneous drawings that I am compelled to draw these expressive figures as a way of unburdening my thoughts visually as if in a personal diary. Shapes and forms are used instead of words to create a visual story. Of emotions I have felt, seen, and heard on a particular day of events. My work is always about relationships with people I encounter and the daily interaction I have.

Keorpes’ is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and recently received a Master in Arts in painting at Governor State University. Keorpes’ is a teacher of art at Thornwood High School and currently lives in Orland Park, Illinois.

A Whole New Mind - Brainstorm

The Intellectual Life Committee and the College of Arts and Sciences at Governors State University present A Whole New Mind 2010 – Brainstorm, a national juried art competition inspired by Daniel Pink’s book "A Whole New Mind – Why Right Brainers will Rule the Future." Art work documenting, analyzing and/or inspired by the intellectual activity, thought processes, dysfunctions, and/or problem solving capabilities of the human mind will be favored.
Please View the Exhibition Catalog at

Show Runs
- May 24- June 24 2010
Artists Reception and Awards ceremony Saturday, June 19 5-7pm following the "Summer Sol-abration" event from 2-5pm in the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park at GSU

Reading Group Discussion- Thursday June 24, 2010 7-8pm in Visual Arts Gallery. The first 25 People to sign up will get a free copy of A Whole New Mind. Plus stop in the gallery during regular hours to vote for the "Peoples Choice Award" that will be announced on June 19th at the Artists Reception.

Curator: Jeff Stevenson Jeff Stevenson is a professional artist and educator exhibiting award winning artwork, and teaching Creativity, Studio Art, and Art History.
Susan Aurinko is a photographer, curator and gallerist for Coalition Gallery, Kemper Gallery IIT, and Prudential Plaza. In addition, Aurinko served as owner and curator of Chicago's FLATFILE galleries for ten years. An exhibition exhibition of her photography, entitled STILL POINT, INDIA, will open at Kriti Gallery in Varanasi, in 2010, and will tour India over the next two years.

Tricia Van Eck is Associate Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art. This past year she co-curated the Chicago presentation of Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe and coordinated the Jeff Koons retrospective. She has curated and coordinated numerous other exhibitions for the MCA including Mapping the Self and Kerry James Marshall: One True Thing - Meditations on Black Aesthetics.

Christopher Clark - You Never Get a Second Chance

The GSU Visual Arts Gallery is proudly presenting the graduate thesis exhibition of printmaker, Christopher Clark, from May 13th through 24th, with a reception on Friday, May 21st from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

With You Never Get a Second Chance, a series of elaborate, multi-layered screen prints, Clark conveys a sense of affection for the commonplace sights and everyday people of modern Midwestern America while engaging the viewer in questioning his or her own perception of common, casual nonconformity. As a lifelong resident of the Mid-western society depicted in these prints, Clark has an intimate connection with his subjects. In essence, he is presenting a self-portrait of a community.

Christopher Clark holds both Bachelor and Master of Art Degrees from Governors State University. As the founder of, the co-founder of Feed Art Center, and organizer of the annual Littlest Print Exchange, Clark is actively involved in developing collaborative, real world and web-based projects designed to bring together artists to cooperate toward common creative goals.

Sarah Ogren - Follow That Rabbit

GSU graduate student Sarah Ogren will be exhibiting her thesis work May 3 - May 14.

In the series, “Follow that Rabbit”, Ogren explores the Existential; the every day conversations, lessons learned, and the general exploration of the meaning of life. All depicted through a whimsical, Victorian, lens set in an enchanted-like forest. The rabbit often depicted in many of Ogren’s pieces, acts not only as representation of the artist herself, but as a narrator through Ogren’s life experiences and the work itself. The work is sometimes dark and moody, sometimes light-hearted, but is always meant to be viewed with a sense of humor. Embrace your inner child and follow that rabbit…

Ogren earned a BA in Art from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and went on to earn a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Webster University. She is currently completing her second Master’s degree in Digital Imaging from Governor’s State University while working full time as an artist.

Sharon Burrink - The Redemption of Brokenness

“The Redemption of Brokenness”, a photography exhibit by Sharon Burrink will be on display from April 19 through April 26 in the Visual Arts Gallery. An opening reception celebrating Burrink’s work will be held on Friday, April 23 from 6 to 9 p.m. in the gallery.

In this series of photographs, inspired by the courageous stories of abused women, Burrink takes the viewer on a journey from the depths of despair to hope and healing by using stirring images that reflect the sorrows and beauty of life. Burrink’s message reflects her spiritual beliefs that no matter how broken a life might be, God can restore and heal.

Burrink graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA from The International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago with a focus on Interior Design. Burrink has recently been named to The National Scholars Honors Society and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Art from Governors State University. Burrink became the CEO of Artistic Interiors, Inc. in 1997 where she used her creative vision in interior design, custom artwork and murals for many clients throughout the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana areas. Her work has been displayed in several galleries and venues in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. She has five children and resides in South Holland, IL.

Jenni Lake - Interiors

“Interiors”, an exhibition of drawings and paintings by Jenni Lake, will be on display from April 12th - April 16th in the Visual Arts Gallery at Governors State University. A closing reception will be held on April 16th from 6 - 8 p.m.

Lake explores the concept of death and survival within her series of oil painting and mixed media drawings. With her use of many canvases create singular interior spaces, she draws attention to architectural details, such as the edges of walls and floorboards, that are often overlooked. These objects act as physical representations of significant aspects of people’s lives which they tend to ignore.

Lake began her graduate studies after the death of her father, which acted as the catalyst for her entire body of work. She emphasizes the mood through the usage of colors within the subject matter, thereby creating a sense of both serenity and isolation.

Tiffany Gholar - Post Consumerism

Governors State University Graduate Candidate will be presenting her thesis work, "Post Consumerism" at Three Peas Art Lounge in Chicago's South Loop. The exhibition runs from April 2 through May 31. Opening Reception: Friday, April 2, 2010. 6- 9 p.m. Three Peas Art Lounge is located at 75 E. 16th Street. Chicago, IL 60616

Gholar's style is improvisational and intuitive with an emphasis on color and texture. Post-Consumerism takes its title from Gholar's, incorporation of found objects and recycled materials typically associated with consumer culture, such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and grocery bags. These common materials are transformed into works of abstract art. It is not just about salvage. It is about redemption.

Tiffany Gholar is a lifelong resident of Chicago, Illinois. She studied art as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago and interior design at Harrington College of Design and is currently a candidate for a Masters Degree in Painting at Governors State University. Her work has been exhibited with other Chicago area artists, including Prak-Sis, The Galaxie Art Center, and 119th Street Artists in Whiting, Indiana.

2010 Student Show Awards

Many thanks to our juror, Chris Matusek for providing insightful comments on her choices for prize winners. Congratulations to all the participating artists.

Best in Show:
Jonathan Casserilla
Second Place:
Abdullah Fadhli
Third Place:
Tor Dettwiler
Honorable Mentions:
Quentin Crockett, Erick Garcia, Tiffany Gholar, Sarah Ogren, Russ Laska and Becki Moffet-Moore.

2010 GSU Student Art Exhibition

Governors State University's 2010 Juried Student Exhibition runs from March 30, through April 7.

The exhibit displays the work of GSU graduate and undergraduate art students. Works chosen for the exhibit will include paintings, drawings, photography, digital imagery, sculpture, and printmaking. Best of Show, second and third place cash awards will be chosen by a juror, Chris Matusek, Gallery Director for the Robert F. DeCaprio Art Gallery at Moraine Valley Community College.

Opening reception and awards ceremony: April 7, from 6 to 9 p.m. The public is invited to attend the exhibit. For more information, contact the Visual Arts Gallery at (708) 534-4021 or

Illinois Community College Exhibition Results

The Visual Arts Gallery would like to thank everyone that helped to make this year's Illinois Community College Exhibition a success; Governor State University's President, Dr. Elaine Maimon; Dr. Eric V. Martin, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. James Howley, Division of Liberal Arts Chairperson; Student Life representative, Sheree Sanderson; and of course our distinguished juror, Kathleen Scarboro who was given the difficult task of choosing the following award recipients.

Merit Awards:
Tube Vase - Candice James
Ceramic - Kankakee Community College

Evidence of a Designer that Cares - Alea N. Shea
Oil on Canvas - Kankakee Community College

Found - Jeff Kolak
Technique Mixte Oil Painting - Elgin Community College

Chicago Flurries - Kathryn A. Budd
Oil - Morton College

Sundamage - Tamatha Francis
Paper and Chalk - Joliet Junior College

In the Floating Alley - Anna Dankova
Oil on Canvas - Joliet Junior College

The Oak Tree - Amy Yoder
Digital Photo - Prairie State College

Best in Show
Desert Flight - Andy Lechner
Ceramics - McHenry County College

Kankakee Community College - Terra Textures Cotta Conceptions

Research Gallery 12 is again hosting artwork from one of Governor State University's neighboring community College. This exhibition "Terra Textures Cotta Conceptions‏" features artwork from Kankakee Community College's current three-dimensional design students who were each tasked with creating a series of low relief ceramic tiles examining texture and transformation. This exhibition will be available for viewing in the University Library through Wednesday, March 31. For more information, please visit the Art on Campus Blog.

Summer Sol-a-Bration in the Park

Bring your family out to the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park to celebrate the summer solstice this June 19th for the Summer Sol-a-Bration 2010. There will be plenty of fun family activities like kite flying and sculpture building. Music will be provided by the Illinois Philharmonic’s Brass Quintet, the Prairie State College Jazz Band, and the South Suburban Dulcimer and Folk Music Society. Visit the Sculpture Park website for more information.

2010 Illinois Community College Juried Art Exhibition

The 2010 Illinois Community College Juried Art Exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate the creative work of emerging artists and to get a glimpse of the extraordinary talent in the region. Selected works by art students currently enrolled in Illinois community colleges will be on display in the GSU Visual Arts Gallery from March 4 through March 26.

Exhibiting artists include students from Black Hawk College, Elgin Community College, Harold Washington College, Harper College, Heartland Community College, John Wood Community College, Joliet Junior College, Kankakee Community College, Lincoln Land Community College, McHenry County College, Moraine Valley Community College, Morton Community College, Parkland Community College, Prairie State College, Richland Community College, South Suburban College, and Triton College.

A closing reception to celebrate the show and the artists and present merit awards is scheduled for Friday, March 26, from 1 to 3 p.m. Juror, Kathleen Scarboro, will announce the award winners at 2 p.m. This exhibition and reception is free and open to the public.

2010 Illinois Community College Juried Art Exhibition

March 4 - 26, 2010
Governors State University's Visual Arts Gallery is proud to host the 2010 Illinois Community College Juried Art Exhibition.

There is no fee to enter this exhibition. Artists may submit up to three original works in any medium. Entry is open to any student currently enrolled in an Illinois community or junior college. Works must have been completed during the last two academic years. Works previously entered into this exhibition are ineligible. Deadline for Entries: February 15, 2010.

Exhibition Dates:
March 4 through 26 with a closing reception on March 26, 1:00p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Award winners will be announced at 2:00 p.m.

Kathleen Scarboro

Up to $1000 in awards including $300 for Best of Show.

All accepted entries must be framed/wired/ready for hanging or installation. Artists are responsible for transit of work. Accepted work must be received during normal business hours, no later than March 2. Pick up of work can be made after the March 26 closing reception.

Download Prospectus and Entry Form
For more information:(708) 534-4021 or

Call for Entries: 2010 GSU Student Art Exhibition

Open to all students enrolled in GSU art courses during the Spring/Summer 09, Fall 09, and Winter 10 trimesters. Artwork must have been created in any art course at GSU during those trimesters. Any artwork previously exhibited in the student show is not eligible.

-Maximum TWO entries per student
-COMPLETED entry forms are to be attached to the back of EACH work. Forms are availa ble from art faculty or from the gallery.
-All two-dimensional work MUST BE WIRED and ready to hang. NO SAW TOOTH HANGERS. Work should be framed if the painting does not extend to the sides or if staples are visible on the sides.
-Photography, digital work, prints and drawings must be matted and framed, unless size does not permit and therefore appropriate hanging hardware should be installed.
-Sculpture – check with gallery assistant for available pedestals. If there are no suitable sizes, student must provide their own.
-Work not meeting the above criteria will not be exhibited.


Best of Show: $300
2nd Place: $200
3rd Place: $100
Honorable Mentions: $50 at Juror's discretion

March 22 - March 24: Accepting work in gallery during regular hours
April 7th: Opening Reception 6-9pm /Juror’s critique and awards at 7pm
April 12-13: Work pickup in gallery.

Littlest Prints

Starting February 16th The Visual Arts Gallery at GSU is presenting an exhibition of small prints culled from 2009's Littlest Print Exchange coordinated by Christopher Clark.

The Littlest Print Exchange is a juried trade of tiny art prints. Fifty printmakers and photographers from around the world were invited to submit an edition of prints. These editions were then collated into portfolios containing one print from each of the fifty artists and sent back out to all of the participants. The exchange was announced in February of 2009 and completed in November of the same year. This exhibit features all 50 prints from seven countries and 22 states and includescexamples of various printmaking techniques such as woodblock, linocut, etching, serigraphy, photography, cyanotype, collagraphy, letterpress, lithography, drypoint, and digital.

Participating Artists include Jennifer D. Anderson from California, Trina Baker from Kansas, Rakesh Bani from India, John Bergmeier from Michigan, Donald Booth from California, Marc Bosworth from Kansas, Brainstorm from New Jersey, Craig Burkhalter from Georgia, Katarzyna Cepek Idaho, Christopher Clark from Illinois, Bonnie Cook from Washington, Michael Costanza from Illinois, D. Wesley Davis from Kentucky, Patricia Delgado from Spain, Daryl DePry from Nevada, Karri A. Dieken from Washington, Erin Dollar from Oregon, Carolina Espinosa from Canada, Kari Garon from Wisconsin, Brett Grunig from California, Mary Hanson from Minnesota, Stephanie Harvey from Pennsylvania, Nancy Jo Haselbacher from California, Robert Howsare from Ohio, Ter├ęz Iacovino from New York, Ashley Kanaley from New York, Mari LaCure from Kansas, Adam Laughlin from China, Amos Leager from Missouri, Melody Knight Leary from Connecticut, Luke Leyden from New Jersey, Big John Lingenfelter from Arizona, B. Love from Idaho, Nichol Markowitz from Hawaii, Jill Marie Mason from Indiana, Casey Neumann from Hawaii, Carrie Ohm from Illinois, Matthew Pazzol from Indiana, Sage Perrott from West Virginia, Diana Phillips from the United Kingdom, Roxanne Phillips from Missouri, Joanne Price from Minnesota, Dennis Raines from Washington, Pete Rangel from Illinois, Lindsay Riley from Kentucky, David Spencer-Pierce from Missouri, Lee Turner from United Kingdom, Lorna Turner from California, Jessica Van Swol from Illinois, and Maggie White from California.

For more information on the exchange and each of the participating artists please visit The Littlest Print Blog.

Commencement Exhibition

To coincide with the Governors State 2010 commencement and annual honorary degree ceremonies, the Visual Arts Gallery has invited a selection of of current GSU students and recent alumni to showcase their artwork for a short term exhibit. This exhibition will be open for viewing from February 4th through 11th.

On Friday, February 5th at 3:30 in Engbretson Hall, the 2010 Honorary Degree recipient, Major League Baseball outfielder, author and businessman, Doug Glanille, will be talking about the unique blend of education, business, and baseball in his life.

Research Gallery 12 hosts PSC class artwork

The Art on Campus program and Research Gallery 12 in the Governors State University Library are pleased to present a selection of artwork by 3D Design students at Prairie State College. The assignment encouraged students to explore relief sculpture. Twelve of these sculptures will be available for viewing during library hours for the next few months. For more information, please visit the Art on Campus Blog.

Illinois Community College Preview

This year’s juror of the Illinois Community College Juried Art Exhibition, Kathleen Scarboro, was given the difficult task of surveying nearly 250 works of art from 18 colleges throughout Illinois to make her selections. Through their painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography and digital media these artists represent the future of art in Illinois. The following artists have works accepted into the exhibition at Governors State University’s Visual Arts Gallery. Images of all accepted artwork are available for viewing online. All accepted artists should download and carefully read the acceptance document which includes delivery and pickup requirements.

Black Hawk College
Tabitha DeFrieze - Tentacles U
Tabitha DeFrieze - Tentacles H
Tabitha DeFrieze - Tentacles V

Elgin Community College
Claudia Frost - Cold Pumpkins
Claudia Frost - Bits and Pieces
Claudia Frost - Autumn Gourds
Jeff Kolak - Found
Nick Morland - Deceive

Harold Washington College
Alex Cohen - In My Room

Harper College
Victoria Cacciatore-Claus - Core

Heartland Community College
Teandra M. Fleming - Virtue of Innocence

Joliet Junior College
Carrie B. Barrera - History
Carrie B. Barrera - First Time
Anna Dankova - I Shall Do More
Anna Dankova - In the Floating Alley
Robert Dennis - Bird on a Wire
Christina Donisch - Joy
Tamatha Francis - Helping Hand in Nature
Tamatha Francis - Sundamage
Sherri Kiefner – Epiphany
Vanessa Martinez - Flow
Rodrigo Montoya - While I Draw
Allison Stevens - Shrine Head

John Wood Community College
Amanda Rush - Me

Kankakee Community College
James Basham - Untitled
Christine Hallock - Undersea Dreaming
Lisa Hanley - Untitled
Candice James - Twisted Vase
Candice James - Electric Green Bowl
Candice James - Tube Vase
Bailey Maricle - Fossil
Alea N. Shea - Evidence of a Designer that Cares
Alea N. Shea - Girls Growing Up
Britni Ulrich - Faceted Flower

Kishwaukee College
Natalie Zographos - Cheers!
Natalie Zographos - Room for One More

Lincoln Land Community College
Hallie Hedinger - Nire no Ki
Tierra Reed - A Touch of Innocence

McHenry County College
Katia Chernyavskaya - Reflections in White
Maggie Hay - Disorder
Andy Lechner - Desert Flight
Andy Lechner - Green Dream
Andy Lechner - Black & White

Moraine Valley Community College
Eric Sterling - The Dream of Absolute Aloofness

Morton Community College
Kathryn A. Budd - Fall With Purple Ball
Kathryn A. Budd - Chicago Flurries

Parkland Community College
Rachel Rosenberger - Safety

Prairie State College
Michael Carr - Hinged
Michelle D. Cox - Chicago
Bruce Peerson - Balancing Act
Amy Yoder - The Oak Tree

Richland Community College
Sean Huskey - Joker

South Suburban College
Joe Walton - Eyes Glued to the Television

Triton College
Noel Marungo - Faceted Bottle

Winter Walk in the Park

Join Park Curator and Director Geoffrey Bates for the annual winter walk of the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park on January 31, 2010, at 2 p.m. The quiet, often snow-covered landscape highlights the presence of each artwork.

The park collection includes 26 pieces by nationally and internationally recognized artists. The walk is along both paved and unpaved paths so appropriate cold weather gear is recommended.

Visitors should meet inside the Hall of Governors near the sculpture Art Ark by Terrence Karpowicz. For more information, email the park or visit the sculpture park website.

Art on Campus

From January 25, 2010 through March 31, 2010 the campus’ main entrance Atrium Gallery and the Upstairs Gallery at the Center for the Performing Arts will feature the paintings, photography, and poetry of seven members of the Union Street Gallery Collaborative Arts Guild.

The Collaborative Arts Guild based in Chicago Heights provides area artists a platform to develop their creativity, exhibit their art, and conduct business as professional artists. For more information about the Union Street Gallery and the Collaborative Arts Guild visit

For information of the Art on Campus program and its exhibition opportunities, please visit