Marc McGowan

The GSU campus is currently home to a pair of exhibitions of the work of Chicago area, mixed-media photographer, Marc McGowen. The University Atrium serves as a showcase for McGowan's exploration of Japan's public spaces while McGowan created a new series of images, especially for the university library's Research Gallery, commenting on the "screen" of human memory and its connection to the computer screens within the space.

Marc McGowann's work is the product of experimentation with altering photographic images using a series of original, unique processes. The images are printed on handmade paper and a wash is applied before they are transferred onto a surface and re-colored using acrylic paint and oil pastel. This effort results in an eerie effect evoking the feelings of memories and dreams. McGowan uses images representational of everyday life to connect with the viewer and make ordinary, mundane scenes more interesting.

Both of these exhibits are open for viewing by the public and will remain on display at least through the end of the spring/summer semester.

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