Lauren J. Shover - The Anatomy of Nature

The Anatomy of Nature, the artwork of Governors State University graduate student Lauren J. Shover, will be on exhibit at the university’s Visual Arts Gallery, from November 28 through December 6. A public reception celebrating Shover’s artistry will be on November 30 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Shover's work is a very personal and emotional narrative, with a surrealist style. She creates paintings based on microscopic views of cells, fruit and flower plant cycles, infused with human emotions. In combining the tranquility of a fresh still-life composition with monumental depictions of flora in a surrealistic landscape, a connection is brought about between internal thoughts and the act of taking a second look at details and surroundings. By including crisp, unspoiled plant life, scaffolding, ladders, enclosed spaces, and expansive environments, Shover reflects feelings of seclusion, self-confidence, shelter, growth and rebirth.