Jenni Lake - Interiors

“Interiors”, an exhibition of drawings and paintings by Jenni Lake, will be on display from April 12th - April 16th in the Visual Arts Gallery at Governors State University. A closing reception will be held on April 16th from 6 - 8 p.m.

Lake explores the concept of death and survival within her series of oil painting and mixed media drawings. With her use of many canvases create singular interior spaces, she draws attention to architectural details, such as the edges of walls and floorboards, that are often overlooked. These objects act as physical representations of significant aspects of people’s lives which they tend to ignore.

Lake began her graduate studies after the death of her father, which acted as the catalyst for her entire body of work. She emphasizes the mood through the usage of colors within the subject matter, thereby creating a sense of both serenity and isolation.

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