Sarah Ogren - Follow That Rabbit

GSU graduate student Sarah Ogren will be exhibiting her thesis work May 3 - May 14.

In the series, “Follow that Rabbit”, Ogren explores the Existential; the every day conversations, lessons learned, and the general exploration of the meaning of life. All depicted through a whimsical, Victorian, lens set in an enchanted-like forest. The rabbit often depicted in many of Ogren’s pieces, acts not only as representation of the artist herself, but as a narrator through Ogren’s life experiences and the work itself. The work is sometimes dark and moody, sometimes light-hearted, but is always meant to be viewed with a sense of humor. Embrace your inner child and follow that rabbit…

Ogren earned a BA in Art from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and went on to earn a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Webster University. She is currently completing her second Master’s degree in Digital Imaging from Governor’s State University while working full time as an artist.

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