Additive / Subtractive; Sensory Interactions Developed By a Geometric Algorithm

Additive / Subtractive; Sensory Interactions Developed By A Geometric Algorithm

The Graduate Thesis Show of Tim Vitek

November 17 - 23, 2011

Opening reception November 17, 6 - 9 p.m.

Artist Statement:

When we remove all notions of symbolism and iconography the viewer is allowed to focus on color as content and experience a visual reaction within his or her own electromagnetic spectrum.

By calculating a geometric algorithm, true gradation between colors is achieved. By incorporating an additive and subtractive method within this geometric algorithm, a unique spectrum of color is created.

Placing random color fields composed with this algorithm side by side not only combines mathematics with intuition, but develops relationships that make tangible these interior movements of color. A grid system is created and becomes not a playground but a safe house for the exchanges of color. These movements of color are visually controlled experiences that allow the viewer to absorb a continuum of color within a designed space.

Color spectrums are methodically placed to create a reaction in the mind of the viewer. The variations of color develop into patterns themselves and perform a visual rhythm within the grid system. The movements of color work in sync to create synergy. This synergy allows the colors to move freely along the grid and allows the viewer to explore these visual interactions within the confinements of their spaces.

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